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 Over the years, I’ve found those who do best in our industry are those who have a genuine love for the books and all the people involved in creating them. As such, when Jenni and I first made contact, her enthusiasm and generous support for the romance genre and the authors who write it impressed me greatly. Our first face-to-face meet was at Romantic Times, Chicago 2012. I was having a lot of problems understanding Facebook and how to transition from a personal page to an author page. What was intended to be a mostly social visit between author/blogger became a prolonged help session where Jen walked me through all that. She subsequently fielded a lot of follow-up email questions as well. This was prior to her deciding to pursue a career in providing author support, and when I expressed a concern about taking advantage of her time, she responded, “I love what I do and bringing joy to other people, whether it’s thru a book or comment on social media. I never thought about pay back, but my mind set is about paying forward. Reading, meeting authors, attending conventions, or helping others – these are my passion.” While I appreciate that sentiment, I’m so pleased to see she is moving toward turning that passion into a career. These days, when the promotion demands on authors are ever increasing, having someone like Jenni applying her enthusiasm and skill-set on a professional basis will be a boon to anyone who decides to become a client.


USA & New York Times Bestselling Author

​​Working with Jenni & ABH/DSP is an absolute pleasure! She truly has an author’s best interests at heart, and that is allowing us to focus on writing. I’d highly recommend her because without her, I wouldn’t have had many ideas for my promotional venues.


Author of the Maverick Junction series.

As an author, I have limited time to spend on that all-important promotion. Thank heavens I found Jenni Dinh at Authors & Books Haven! Jenni has helped me set up my fan page, manages my street team, promotes my name and books, and is an awesome cheerleader. If you’re looking for professional, personalized help, look no further.


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 Jenni is terrific, enthusiastic, and supportive, I just love her and her work ethics. Not to mention, she’s my Street Team guru.


Good Morning !

I am a Field Representative with an XYZ (Annuity) for the past 33 years and I have had the pleasure in speaking with Jenni today regarding the Death Claim on contract xxxxxxxx6RB for a deceased client. My Client the Beneficiary Mrs. Roach called me this morning VERY Upset regarding the letter she  received from her Annuity Death Claim Unit Stating that she needed to fill out the DC Forms and return to ML. She also received a letter stating that the check issued for March 2015 in the amount of $1,791.18 needed to be returned too. I personally handled this claim and processed this on the 19th of March, I was also instructed by two other Call Center representative’s that the March check could be cashed as this was a Joint and Survivor  Income Annuity with Cash refund.

I would like to bring to your attention the Professional, Courteous, polite manner in how Jenni handled this entire situation and assured me that this was taken care of and a letter explaining this was sent to my client. I would like to bring this Positive encounter I experienced with Jenni to everyone attention as all too often we only hear the Negative aspect of our encounters . I hope this will help evaluate Jenni’s next work review in a positive manner.

Gary D. Howell  |  Financial Services Representative  |  Registered Representative  |  Investment Advisor Representative

Kudos By Customer of My Client

I just spoke with Mrs. Trammell who had these wonderful things to say about her conversation with Jenni this afternoon regarding a flower arrangement:

“She was so patient and helpful!”

“She was a joy to talk to!”

“She told me everything I need to know and I am so appreciative of her!”